Benefits of Warm Water

Water is the largest constituent of the body; in an average person it makes up 55% – 60% of the total body weight. Thus a 60kg man has approximately 34 liters of water in his tissues. So, water is essential to our survival. At the same time, contaminated water spread water-borne diseases like typhoid, cholera, dysentery and viral hepatitis.

Water is involved in all metabolic processes. All the vital functions of the body depend on the presence of the proper amounts of water.

1. Weight loss

Warm water is great for maintaining a healthy metabolism. If you are trying to lose your body weight, warm water will certainly be an easily available and inexpensive solution. The most effective method to do this is to begin your metabolic process early in the early morning with a glass of warm water as well as lemon.

2. Relive nasal congestion

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